and so the adventure begins…

Congratulations! You got engaged and that is so amazing! I can’t wait to become your wedding photographer, not just because I LOVE capturing those soulful connections but also because I can’t wait to give you the experience of a lifetime! I want you to walk away from this experience with way more than just incredible memories. 


the joy is in the journey

I will be there with you through this entire journey. I have a style guide for your engagement session, helpful timelines to keep us right on track, and I always keep some of those miscellaneous items you might need throughout the big day. (Tissues anyone?) 

Let’s face it, you have seen some of my work here on the site. You know Monroe Street has a light and airy style and that I am here to capture your soulful connection together. Your photos will be representing more than your wedding day though. My goal is to show YOU, your relationship and how you have grown together with those you love to surround yourselves with. We will tell your love story in a way you never imagined. 

My favorite thing about being your wedding photographer? I get to celebrate your journey right along with everyone else in the room that cares for you both so deeply. There is nothing like a room filled with so much love. I am telling you the vows, speeches and dances always get me teary eyed, I really do love doing this!

So, if you’re up for making a new friend (Me! Me!) I’m ready to dive in with you! Let’s do this thing!


If you'd love to have me photograph your wedding but feel limited by your budget, please talk to me! I am open to talking with you and seeing what we can make work. It takes money to run my business and pay the bills, but I also understand that weddings are expensive! If your heart is set on working with me, please fill out my contact form and we can talk through options.